Minimum Stock Rules

A stock minimum rule (or reordering rule) is an Odoo object, which define how certain (stockable) product variants should be re-supplied. The should reflect the following peculiarities:

  1. A user defines minimum and maximum levels, meaning that if inventories in this location falls beyond a minimum level, Odoo would try to supply it to a maximum level;

  2. In case a product has more then a single procurement route (e.g. 2 suppliers or 2 different ways of coating), Odoo instead of creating chain on operations:

    1. Generate a procurement order, where it is possible to select a desired procurement plan;

    2. Procurement order is not confirmed, but waits user's manual approval;

    3. Odoo sends an email with list of such procurements orders to a responsible person defined in the company's settings.

  3. Odoo checks the levels regularly (e.g. once in a day).

To set (assign) restocking rules for stored products  go to Warehouse-> Configuration -> Minimum Stock Rules

there few important moment about settings at Min. stock Rule Card

- Rules apply to specified product only. There should be a rule for each product that need to be restored.

- Location should be the same as specified at Procurement Plan. Those location that need to be purchase to

- min- means to apply that rule (auto create purchase)  in case at the stock there are less than specified amount left

- max- means that this will be the maximum quantity at auto created purchase (up to what amount should be replenished stock)


So once a day system check if there are stockable products left at the amount that rules apply for, compare it with existing purchase and if needed- create a new.

There is also able to start those check and  purchase by rules auto creating manually. For that go to Warehouse-> Schedulers-> click "compure miimum stock rules" and after that click "run schedulers"

For now- all created procurements by rules need to manually confirm to create based on rules purchased. This can be done 2 ways:

- from email that automatically sent

- at the System Warehouse-> Schedulers-> button "Run Procurement"

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group by status- choose "confirmed"
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button "run procurement" at procurement form


After  the start of process (clicking "Run Procurement") new RFQ will be created